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API Keys

The Zapper API uses API keys to authenticate requests. Zapper has made available for public use the following API key:


As of March 2022, Zapper began rate limiting query volume on the

public API key. See below for how to get a private API key if you are hitting the rate limit on the public key. :::

Getting a Private API key to get a higher rate limit

If you are hitting the rate limit on the Public Key, you should request a private API key via Zapper's ZenDesk ticket system. You will be issued a private API key in 24-48 hours.

These private API keys still have a rate limit of 30RPM on the balances endpoints and 1,000RPM on ALL endpoints collectively, which is significantly higher than the public API key's rate limit.

If these rate limits are not sufficient, you may also request a higher rate limit for your private API key by via the same ZenDesk ticket link, through replying to it in your email.

Testing endpoints using the API key on Swagger

You can test the available endpoints on Swagger by entering an API key (public or private) into the Authorize section in Swagger. This will then allow you to see the responses for various endpoints based on parameters you specify.

Enter API key into the authorize section

#api-buildooorrs channel in the Zapper Discord. :::