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Build on Zapper

We're opening up integrations to the community. No more waiting on us. Integrate your App with Zapper today.

Keep Your Users Happy

Over 1M users manage their portfolio with Zapper each month, and they want to see all their balances in one place. By integrating your app, users will be able to monitor and update their portfolio in Zapper

Get More Users

Zapper drives app discovery, through our pages focused on investing, apps, and tokens, through apps that build on our APIs, and through users looking up wallets on Zapper. Integrate with Zapper to get discovered

Rapid Scaffolding and Recipes

Studio includes scaffolding helpers so you can quickly integrate relevant app information directly into Zapper, and has extensive recipes (this site!) to help you get it done quickly

Looking to request for an integration instead? Head to Canny to upvote